Hudson Investment Group Limited


Hudson Investment Group Limited (Hudson) (ASX:HGL) is a listed Australian company. 

The principal activities of Hudson are :  

  • Investment, management and development of commercial properties in Australia;
  • Process and distribute attapulgite based products
  • Strategic investment in listed and unlisted shares and businesses;
  • Operation of corporate financial services; and
  • Development of coal tenements.

Our Mission

The core purpose of Hudson is to continue to improve and increase the underlying intrinsic value of all company assets for the benefit of shareholders.

The company aims to achieve this by: 
  • Providing operational excellence and sustainable developments in exploration & mining origination, value-added processing, corporate advisory and property investments;
  • Providing a safe and fulfilling working environment, rewarding good performance and providing opportunities for advancement;
  •  Foster business initiatives & values that promote business partnerships in Asia;
  • Providing a nurturing environment for employees to develop personal growth;
  • Caring for our surrounding environment through exemplary management systems and a commitment to the principles of sustainable development ; and
  • Acting with integrity and honesty in dealings both inside and outside the company









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Releases on ASX

Date       Headline Pages PDF
10/12/2014   Appendix 3B - Share Purchase Plan Completed 12 PDF
18/11/2014   Share Purchase Plan - 2014 15 PDF
17/11/2014   SPP Cleansing Statement 1 PDF
11/11/2014 Share Purchase Plan 1 PDF
29/08/2014 Half Yearly Report and Accounts 21 PDF
27/08/2014   Becoming a substantial holder for SOC 2 PDF
27/08/2014   Resignation of Director - Peter Meers 3 PDF
06/08/2014   Initial Director's Interest Notice - John Foley 3 PDF
05/08/2014 Result of Appeal 1 PDF

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